Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Pigeon Street Society of Explorers and Specialists Session 1

07.24.16; Session One; D&D 5e
Len as Argon, Human Wizard 1
Scott as Derek Stormheart, Human Paladin of Sune 1
Paul as Galillian, Elven Ranger 1
Eric as Growll, Half-orc Bard 1
Rachel as Naga, Halfling Rogue 1
Jose as Iolas, Half-elf Wizard 1

Play began in Baldur's Gate with the PCs choosing residences in the Pigeon Street neighborhood. The home selections were as follows:

1) Argon: Single story modest home formerly inhabited by a beloved priestess of Lathander named Sister Meredith.
2) Derek: The tavern formerly known as the Ox and Cart, now named The Lonely Hart.
3) Naga lives in the basement of the Ox and Cart, er, Lonely Hart.
4) Galillian chose to reside in a small warehouse. It came with a cart and pony named Franklin, who dreams of being a warhorse.
5) Iolas became the proprietor of a curio shop called Curious Goods. He inherited it from his uncle Grigor, who - along with the entire inventory - disappeared under mysterious circumstances.
6) Growll: He selected a rather run down home with loft. It is a magnet for drifters and ne'er do wells.

     For those of you playing along at home, the Pigeon Street neighborhood was retooled in The Tolling of the Great Black Bell no. 13.

     After, the PCs began receiving visits from NPCs laden with delicious adventure hooks. Growll was accosted by Rex, Nicole and George, three local scoundrels who work for a certain Hargor. They asked/warned Growll to keep an eye out for Shamus, the home's former residence. They also asked for a 1 sp coin for "protection" but Growll told them to pound sand. And they did.

     Derek and Naga met Marcus Grooms, the agent for a local landowner who holds the note on The Lonely Hart. In exchange for giving the Paladin a few weeks grace on the tavern's rent, he asked the specialists to pay a visit to a man named Colin, who resides in a large warehouse. The man was terribly delinquent on his rent and may be in ill health.

     Galillian was pestered by a bloated, blithering fool. The man, Boris Blavens, desperately asked for an escort to a shrine of Loviatar. He wished to beg Loviatar for aid in dealing with all those who have wronged him. However, access to the shrine was blocked by a titanic frog with massive teeth. Boris hoped the ranger and his friends would be of assistance.

     Finally, Tara Swift visited Iolas at Curious Goods. She told him of the disappearance of a young wizardess in a long-abandoned tower. The massive tower once received skyships and travelers on winged beasts.

     The intrepid heroes met at the Lonely Hart and decided to see what was up in the warehouse.

"Sex Golem! Flesh Golem!"

     The warehouse was massive, smelled of rust and iron. Naga slipped through the slightly ajar front double doors and triggered a cow bell alarm (a). After opening a lock that secured the doors, the party entered. Gallilian was soon struck by a crossbow bolt from a trap (b) hidden in a damaged Trident missile.

     The party cautiously entered, impressed by the primitive electrical lights the lit the narrow halls. The space was crammed with all manner of metal junk, all of it damaged and battered. In one corner (c) they experienced a malevolent force that they wisely avoided. It inhabited a Tiger Tank that was destroyed during the D Day landings.

     Soon they met Colin, a wretched, crazed man. With him was his cobbled together love slave, a kind of shambling, undead sex toy. Colin was out of sorts, barely able to carry a conversation and not entirely sure of where he was. Colin was not able to speak of owing any rent. He seemed confused by that fact. He was also vague about how he acquired his companion. He babbled something about a "Night Market."

     While the conversation with Colin unfolded, Iolas located a grapple gun. Attached to it with string was a label that read, "Grapple Gun, found on the Battle Plane of Acheron and repaired by Grigor.' Iolas was joyous to have found an item from his uncle's shop, but was not sure how it came to be here. There was clearly a link between this place and Acheron, but the exact nature is murky.

     Naga thought about petting the Rust Monster that lived in a pit (d), but wisely decided against it. Rust Monsters eat flesh as readily as they do steel.

     The session wrapped up after it was decided to take Colin and his revolting concubine to the Temple of Sune. There was a discussion whether or not to kill them both, but Colin presented such a pitiful personage that they took mercy.

     The warehouse was detailed in The Tolling of the Great Black Bell no. 1.

100 xps to all participants.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

This Is What Happens When You Play Pokemon Go in a Bad Part of Town

This morning I am drinking coffee and working on another installment of The Tolling of the Great Black Bell. The issue will come with a wee battle mat upon which terrible things will happen to a poor rat catcher unless the intrepid heroes intervene. Then again, the PCs might sit back and take bets as to who wins. That's an option, too. I just ordered two more of these rat minis on Ebay. Sadly, they are getting harder and more expensive to find.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Wagons, ho!

Miniatures arrived in the mail today and I am quite pleased. We are starting a new campaign in two weeks and I anticipate occasional travel. Thanks to the Pathfinder line of minis, the PCs will have decent representations of their cart and/or wagon.The scale may be a little off, but that's okay.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

On the Workbench this Morning

How in the hell do you draw a car? I dunno. Just scribbling away on some Fate Accelerated material before I focus on 5e.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Once More Into the Breach

I received some books in the mail today so I am inspired to crush Mt. Dew and stab a goblin. I've gamed only twice in the last three years (09/2013 and 01/2016) and feel it's time to rebuild some sort of social life. Kelvin Green was very encouraging on this matter and I thank him for his advice.

     At first glance 5e looks quite serviceable, although I will never be completely comfortable with the large array of abilities that PCs have in later iterations of the game. I have learned the hard way how a player can unbalance a game through deliberate min/maxing or honest ignorance about the way an ability works.

     I'm also a bit thrown off by the various race and class options. What's a Warlock? Where did Dragonkin come from? Didn't gnomes used to have big noses? Getting older is so confusing.

     Despite my unfamiliarity with D&D after skipping the whole 4e thing, I think 5e just might help me to scratch my gaming itch.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

They Are Not for Eating!

Some miniatures recently arrived in the mail. I went with an animal theme in order to provide the PCs some nifty critter companions. I'm still working out the details, though. I'm forever working out the details.

     For example, I think the goat once ate someone's Cloak of Elvenkind. Now he's really good at hiding until he leaps out and butts a foe right in the rear. I think the piggie is good luck and provides a +2 bonus on all saving throws.

     I hope you are all having a lovely Easter. :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Minis in the Mail

These figures are going to be perfect for some nasty, filthy winged horrors that will descend upon the PCs in my campaign. Winged putrescence!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Game On

Today was game day for the first time in over two years. It felt really good to roll some dice. Hopefully, we can make this a regular thing in 2016.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Minis in the Mail

I knew this fixer-upper had a bug problem, but wow!

     I picked up these critters to go with the latest issue of The Tolling of the Great Black Bell. I am looking forward to inflicting these critters on the party this weekend! For those interested, these are Giant Centipedes from the Dungeons Deep expansion from Pathfinder Battles.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day Doodle

I had an idea for dungeon that is basically a great spire that reaches into the sky. The dungeon levels are stacked vertically and rise ever higher until some great destination is reached. I doubt I will do any more work on this, but it was fun to scribble and imagine for a bit.